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Top Ten Reasons to Be a Webster Westside Flea Market Vendor

o    We are a 50 year old market that is well known within a 200 mile radius.

o    Over each weekend thousands of shoppers will see your product offering.

o    We bring the customers to you.

o    Over 300 undercover booths and over 600 outdoor booths.

o    We have great community with lots of camaraderie. Vendors have found their best friends and spouses at the flea market.

o    Being a Flea Market vendor is easier and has lower overhead than owning retail store.

o    Our friendly, caring staff works hard to ensure a positive selling experience. Many of our vendors have been with us for over 20 years.

o    As a flea market vendor, it is easy to change the products and nature of your business. Many flea market vendors use their booth to make extra cash on the weekends.

o    Becoming a flea market vendor is a low risk, low cost way to start a business. No long term expensive commercial leases, no build-out, etc.

o    Fun! Our customers and vendors are always telling us our market is fun, happy place.